Surfing in Nosara

Bring your long boards, your paddleboards, your short boards and take advantage of the many surfing experiences you can have in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Surfers from all over the globe travel to catch one of the most consistent breaks on the planet. With choices of three or four beaches or a boat trip out to Witch’s Rock, you can’t go wrong if multi-days of surfing are on your agenda while you are here in Nosara.

Early morning and late afternoon brings the biggest waves to your feet. The drastic differences between low tides and high tides will decide what shape and intensity your surf session will bring. Shoulder high to overhead is the norm, with many bonus days of swells larger than that.

For the dedicated, experienced surfer, paddle to the outside for a carousel of swell; the inside breaks provide consistently gentle peaks and white water, making room for the beginners and surf schools to start teaching a new generation of boarders.

 Check out all the established surf schools in Nosara for beginners to advanced and take advantage of the know-how on where, when and how to surf the waves of Nosara.

The most popular beaches to surf in Nosara are:

Playa Guiones sets you up best at high tides and in the morning or late evening hours. Don’t be surprised to see double overhead surf on many days. At Guiones, you’ll spend your cherished board time on the most consistent sand bottom break around.

Playa Pelada has a rock reef point break on its north side so get out on Pelada waves when the tides come in.

Playa Nosara’s (the Rivermouth) shallow rock reefs puts you some barrels. Best time is with south swells.

Playa Ostional gives you both rights and lefts from its beach break and reef break. Head there at high tide.

Witch’s Rock was made famous in Endless Summer II and brings you amazing world-renowned surfing. Arrange for a boat tour to take you out to its sand-bottomed beach break that gives you some of the best surfing ever.

Surfing in Nosara is a mind-blowing experience. Put it first on you MUST DO list when you are here.